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There's much so much to talk about, I am a reseller on eBay (and a buyer πŸ€©πŸ˜πŸ‘‘). I like to talk about the fun stuff I sell and fun stuff I buy on eBay (and purchases made on other platforms too, as well as brick n mortar resell purchases). 

It’s always fun to score deals, and even more fun to offer great deals for shoppers too. Resale is a win win. I have shopped resale as long as I can remember, way before it was cool, and definitely way before it became a mainstream income for millennial. 

Well, resale has come along away, and it makes total sense. Recycle, re-use, resell, lalalalala

Swanky City blog is all about reseller life, me reselling, buying, putting funky outfit ideas together for some fun inspiration for you for me for money for my Pomeranians for bills blah blah blah 

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Chillout. Your style is what ever you want it to be for you and you only. So dress like you mean it. And hopefully you didn't pay too much, but if you must be goooood! :)

Most of my personal supply of clothing from resale, I do have a few things from retail, but that is far few and in-between these days, and I love it. I know that If I completely love something i see in retail big designer ads, I will hold out till it comes around eBay or a price I can afford. And re-circulate when I need the cash again. I love resale...Have I mentioned that?!



Re-Connect with your adventurous style experimentations, like when you were a kid. You know like when you cut your bangs too short and uneven, or wore a flowery top with polka dot pants and plaid shoes...Re-Connect with your adventurous style, it's fun!

The happy face sweatshirt in this pic I purchased on Poshmark, it is also a good reselling item, so when I have had my fun wearing this shirt and feel the need to resell...I will probably get what I paid for it. So get your fun style on, and think about your wardrobe as investment stock :)

The cute Dr. Martens in this pic are SOLD, sold them about three months ago. Bitter sweet.

Tune In to You


Okay, so most everything I list in my eBay store is from my own overflowing closets. my motto lately is Tune In To You (me), selling off excess, purging my closets, I like having a few wearable option to chose from, but seriously...lightening up the load I definitely feel I am Tuning In To Me on a liberating scale. 

Simply selling off your prior favorites for something new (resale), is circulation...circulating that closet stickiness. Rid of for the sake of lightening up, or circulate buy & sell. Keep the energy moving.

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